Mobile phone usage to drive Africa’s economy

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Mobile phone usage to drive Africa’s economy

Information communication technologists are optimistic that mass fault management launched in Africa, will drive the continent’s economy and make the millennial generation to become the leading tellers of the emerging app economy. “The mobile economy has finally arrived in Africa and the customer community who doubts should simply take a look around them,” Manager for Central Africa, said in a press statement. He said the millennial generation had become the leading purveyors of the emerging “App Economy,” noting that they were driving the boom in mobile services, and reinventing the way businesses engaged with their internal and external audiences and stakeholders. Market watchers say to compete in the new “app economy,” telcos will need to invest in gaining market share” through customer experience, services, advertising and the customer data that powers them.

Mobile point of sale is also set to take off in the enterprise as by the end of 2015, nearly 50 per cent of enterprises with 2,500 or more employees will have some variation of a mobile point of sale (mPoS) deployment, the manager said. More than 80 per cent of market-leading organisations globally already recognise that mobile is fundamentally changing the way they do business. By providing digital services and services that directly support the devices and connectivity of their core businesses, he said Africa’s telcos can improve customer satisfaction, decrease the cost of customer service, and generate sizable efficiency dividends to their customer retention and employee productivity. The interconnect billing is, therefore, poised to create new economies driven by a new set of rules.

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