Interoperability: Harmony in the Network

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Interoperability: Harmony in the Network

Plugfest is one of the first steps towards interoperability, enabling companies to have an early opportunity to test and benchmark the interoperability of their products prior to full certification testing. Interoperability benefits all business consulting parties, from service providers to manufacturers, retailers and end users. Service provider networks, having evolved over many years, are not homogeneous. Different layers of networking equipment are added to the network over time, from legacy to upgrades and the latest new cable inventory planning technologies.

These technologies must all work in harmony to be able to handle many types of traffic and ensure faster widespread deployment of any new technology being introduced. This all translates to cost savings and acceleration of time to cable oss market. Standardized interoperability and certification create a trusted base of equipment and services without which, in spite of huge convergent billing investments in time and resources, there may be years of delay and in-service failures that impact revenue and credibility. Service providers already recognize the value that a compliant, fully interoperable network operation brings to their business.

By implementing interoperable equipment onto their networks, operators can erase the challenge of equipment not meeting expectations, avoid extensive testing and eradicate post-deployment problems. As well as this, the reduced test time, in turn, speeds up the time to market, offering a consumer management solution for providers looking to quickly meet the demands of their customers for new services such as 4K TV, alongside the increased use of data and cloud services.

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